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March 15, 2017

Radioplasma Podcast:
Juan Anderson-Burgos – Candidate for Ward 6 at City Council

Juan was recently interviewed on the local podcast, radioplasma. This podcast, created by Iohann Rashi Vega, features local interests such as politics, music, conversations, and community news. His experience as a candidate for the Ward 6 seat on City Council in the 2015 election and his motivations to run for the 2017 election are part of this conversation.

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March 6, 2017

Juan Anderson-Burgos running for Ward 6 seat on Holyoke Ward 6 Council


"My major strength is my ability to communicate. A major part of that is listening completely. Our city's government faces the need to address issues of all sizes. Some may seem major while others appear minor, but no issues is minor to the ones bringing it to their city's decision-makers. Our political environment too heavily encourages conflict over the value of actual accomplishments. At the end of the day, that serves nobody's interest well. The experience I bring, also translating to a skill, is my perspective living the same challenges of my neighbors and knowing what it feel like to be shut out by those who aren't interested in listening. I want my potential constituents to know I'll be their direct line to what happens in our local government."


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August 5, 2015

Juan Anderson-Burgos running for Holyoke Ward 6 Council Seat


Juan C. Anderson-Burgos sees a City Council where members seem unable to disagree without disrespect, so he said he is running for the Ward 6 seat because he can reduce such friction.

"I also know that our City Council can do better work for the people of Holyoke when they can work together," said Anderson-Burgos, 45, of 236 Locust St.

"I am the kind of person who will change that dynamic for the better. I know how to stick to my principles without alienating people. The people of Ward 6 and all of Holyoke deserve nothing less than that," he said.


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August 14, 2015

El Hispano Juan Anderson-Burgos estará corriendo para concejal del distrito 6 de Holyoke


Con un fuerte deseo de ser parte de traer lo mejor para la ciudad de Holyoke y así hacerlo más fuerte, Juan Anderson-Burgos decidió en correr para concejal del distrito 6 de la ciudad.

El dijo, “Cualquier comunidad tiene luchas, pero cuando ves esas luchas tu tienes dos opciones, sentarse y quejarse en cuanto a lo que esta mal sin hacer nada, o usted puede optar por pararse firme y ser parte de traer lo que es correcto y hacerlo más fuerte.”


Para el artículo completo, visite



October 9, 2015

Juan C. Anderson-Burgos

Holyoke Sun Candidate Statements


I am in this race because there are many good people in Holyoke who are underrepresented and need a voice. As I have been speaking with voters, people want somebody that they can trust as their neighbor and respect as their representative. That is exactly what I intend to be when I am elected this November.


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